Ennealogic, 2012: Week 8

Words of wisdom from H.H. Schopenhauer: “Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.” An inversion: perhaps the fool is the person who has many books on his/her shelf; or, the fool is the person who has many books on his/her shelf who does not read those books. But we’ve all got a buck to make, right? Who has time to read, anyway? [Stop here.]

Now’s when we list our nine favorite things of the week. Read still and forever hold your peace:

1) A short Anobium biography AND special Anobium sale! Our managing editor (Benjamin van Loon) and cover designer (Jacob van Loon) teamed up on JVL’s super-popular Tumblr page to talk about Anobium and offer a special sale on all Anobium products. Check it out, and follow Jacob on Tumblr while you’re at it.

2) That Meaning of Robots is a movie about a guy who makes movies about fucking robots.

3) This photograph by Sam Javanrouh. See also, below picture and/or feature image.

4) Idiolects by Fotosputnik.  “Idiolects is just long enough to make your day weird, but just short enough for you to wish it could get weirder. And it can. You just have to play the album a second time.”

5) Scorch Atlas by Blake Butler. Don’t let his undercover-super-hero-name confuse you; this book is packed with tales from a painful, wretched apocalypse, and, oh God, there is no hope. Buy it.

6) Book sculptures by Chicago expat Brian Dettmer. These beasts are carved page by page.

7) Our new listing in The Writer’s Database. It’s news far from sexy, but it’s good to know. Make sure to check out our other listings and additional points of contact.

8) Anobium contributor, writer, and all-around good guy Benjamin Schachtman’s piece in the inaugural volume of The Conium Review. One of our contributors, BNS, has a great long-short story in The Conium, a new publication out of PDX who shares the same suffix as us. The other writing in it (The Conium) is also good. Pick up a copy.

9) The selling-out of Sebastian’s Relativity by Jonathan Greenhause. A little less than six months after its releasue, Jonathan Greenhause’s first official book of poetry, and our first single-author release, is officially out of print! It’s bad news and good news. Get on the mailing list to stay abreast of future Anobium releases (and possible re-releases?)

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