Pictures From Fluxfest Day at Chicago Cultural Center

We’ve been talking about this (Fluxfest Chicago 2012) a whole bunch and today (February 11 2012) it made an appearance at the Chicago Cultural Center (one of the best buildings in Chicago).

Here are a few pictures, intentionally obtuse. Fluxus is one of those things where you had to/have to be there. (Women in bowler hats, a woman in a bowler hat dragging around a cluster of dolls, a woman in a bowler hat carrying around wind chimes, a woman in a bowler hat using loop pedals and a vintage amplifier, a woman in a bowler hat wearing a sanitation suit handing out markers and cards with questions which you were then to use as prompts to write the answers on said sanitation suit, etc.)

Also, we found this book amidst the other matter. Visual Poetry by Renaat Ramon:

Pictures are from @benvanloon‘s iPod. Welcum 2 tha future.


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