Ennealogic, 2012: Week 6

Nine points of light. Kind of like a grid running infinite where you walk into one side and come out of the other side nine points of light. It’s this kind of thing we call gospel, or basic algebra, or recently-ancient practice of checkbook balancing, whereas children now, like the children of yesteryore, will wonder what is a checkbook and how high can a checkbook jump? Nine nine nine, self destruct.

That’s from a punk song that is hard to remember.

AND, now, our favorite nine things from the sixth week of Ennealogic, where we list our nine favorite things from X week, where X is equal to the current week. In this case, X = 6.

1. Photographer James Appleton. The featured image from this post is by intrepid explorer and photographer, James Appleton. His work proves that you don’t have to go to other planets to see how strange our own planet is.

2. Fluxfest Chicago 2012. Fluxus was a bizarre ‘dynamic’ art movement that popped up in NYC during the 1960s. Now, with 50 years passed, it has lost some of its original punch, but it is still very much relevant and provocative. This weekend, it hits the mean streets of Chicago.

3. This gravity experiment. Charge up a knitting needle and watch a water droplet orbit the needle like a mini-satellite.

4. Sam Lipsyte & Ben Marcus at the Art Institute. Earlier this week, authors Sam Lipsyte and Ben Marcus did a reading at the School of the Art Institute at Chicago for the Visiting Artists Program. Both read excellently, and were introduced by Jesse Ball, who also drew up a small contrivance for the intro.

5. List of words for describing animal groups. Good for spicing up a writing piece. A clowder of cats. A murmuration of starlings. A sloth of bears. Etcetera.

6. Our return to Tumblr. Our website was originally hosted on Tumblr, but then we moved to WordPress and forgot all about T. But then we remembered T, and now we’re using it to aggregate various literary and artistic esotera. Think of it like our visual Twitter-feed.

7. This old picture of Chicago.

8. Our interview with Bartholomäus Traubeck. He’s the guy who did the record player that plays wood, and we got to talk to him.

9. Anobium: Volume 2 dropping. Orders started going out this week. Buy yours. It’s cheap and you’re gonna love.

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