Ennealogic, 2012: Week 5

What combinations of words serve to soothe? How thick should these secretions be? Does it hurt when you touch it? I have so many questions and it’s getting harder for me to find a place to start. Should I start in the middle? I’ll work outwards. It will be as painless as possible.

In other words, Ennealogic, Installment 3, Week 5, and so on. Nine of our favorite things for the week.

1. Swans: We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head – Michael Gira/Young God Records are doing a proprietary ‘crowdfunding’ for the next Swans release, The Seer. Various giving levels, and if you give $100 or above, you get an Executive Producer credit. (Feature image taken from the Young God release page.) (And now it’s all sold out.)

2. This Kissing Robot – Long distance relationships be damned. Kiss overseas via porcine transmission with this ‘Kissenger’ device, loosely named after the 20th century’s primary erotic figurehead.

3. The Anobium: Volume 2 Release Party – It’s happening on Saturdat (Feb. 4) and we’re super excited. The Canoes are playing some music. Folks like Susan Yount and Matt Pine and Joe Meno are reading. It’s BYOB. Gonna be awesome.

4. Sam Lipsyte and Ben Marcus @ SAIC – Tuesday night, February 7, at Chicago’s School of the Art Institute (SAIC Columbus Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr.), Sam Lipsyte (The Ask, Homeland) and Ben Marcus (The Flame Alphabet) will be reading and lecturing, or something of the sort. Either way, two excellent authors.

5. These Golf Rules

6. An ‘Unusual Nuclear Event’ West of Chicago – The nuclear threat portends. The Exelon Nuclear Power Plant in Byron, IL had an unusual event this week. Hopefully the wind blows forever spacewards. We need to power our ‘OPEN’ signs.

7. Jonathan Greenhause’s Interview With Matthew Thomas Dillon & Windmill – Intrepid Anobiumite manages to catch up with overseas frontman MTD and his band, Windmill. JG asks the tough questions, and MTD gives some serious answers.

8. Holy Land, USA – Pictures of an abandoned Christian amusement park in CT. PERFECT 10.

9. The Instructions, by Adam Levin – So we’re a few months late on this train, but this 1,000+ page tome is currently on top of our reading desk. It takes place over four days, and is about a possible Messiah, Gurion Maccabee. Levin is in Chicago, so we’ll be talking to him soon.

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