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Illiterate: Entry #6

Time Capsule: Eighth Grade In our last jump to my early elementary education, we observed a boy embracing rebellion and exploring alienation, an imagination taking root and sprouting sour berries of fictional oddity. Here, we flash forward to eighth grade where those central themes have exploded, the vines becoming overgrown, unmanicured to the point of […]

Artists’ Others: Hal Ashby

When (not if, be real) time travel is perfected and made suitable for the masses, my first stop will be the 1970s. I’d do it for the hard livin’/hard lovin’ vibe, the post-flower power/pre-greed-is-good period of cultural transition where, on national and personal levels, souls were searched and identities were continually evolving. Most substantially, cinema […]

Illiterate: Entry #5

Time Capsule: First, Second, and Third Grade In my previous entry, I was a forlorn romantic pining for my one true love: infinity. Today, I am a time-traveler. In this two-part tangent of Illiterate, the temporal continuum becomes condensed and I strum the threads of time in a power ballad of personal history. But first, […]

Illiterate: Entry #4

I studied French for about seven years in grade school. By now, I’ve forgotten nearly all of what I learned, but one aspect of the language stayed with me: “time,” and how it’s defined. The French make a distinction between, say, the infinite concept of time (temps) and a specific hour of the day (heure)–so, […]

Illiterate: Entry #3

Valentine’s Day approaches. For many, it moves toward us like a frontier caravan hauling love and affection to weary, sun-kissed settlers. It’s a time for lovers to take stock in their relationships, to celebrate unions and romance—a time where blood nearly boils over with so much passion that can only be expressed through the most […]