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Filmmakers Not Making Films: Paul Thomas Anderson – Fiona Apple’s Hot Knife

I’ve highlighted filmmakers enough recently who are making all sorts except their typical—the feature film—so this may become a somewhat regular posting if the trend holds true. Now we have something new from Paul Thomas Anderson (though he supposedly shot this prior to shooting The Master and has been working on it ever since) in […]

Commerce in Shall

If Inside Scientology was not enough for you, perhaps you’re up for Going Clear. If your interest in this dubious subject is only ignited further, then the Master is now available to own. If this subject makes you anxious, read up instead on wine, wealth, sports, and the end of the world. With thirty-seven days […]

Outer Space

“Don’t ask what I’d like to do to [Gene] Kelly with that stupid umbrella,” and more One Star Netflix Reviews. “For my next trick,” says Joseph Cornell, or Vladimir Nabokov, or Wes Anderson, “I have put the world into a box.” Your Poet: dispensable advice from a master (written, to this editor’s delight, by an […]