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George Saunders Has Written a Book You May or May Not Read This Year

We appear to be the happy operators of a menagerie! At a reading in Chicago on Tuesday, January 8th, an elderly gentleman concluded the night’s comments by saying that he had never heard of George Saunders until a few days earlier, but the New York Times’ review*’s claim was too substantial to deny. So, he […]

Review: How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick’s Robotic Resurrection

Slapping this book over to read the backside blurbs, I was preemptively skeptical that David F. Dufty’s nonfiction chronicle on the conception, creation and odyssey of Philip K. Dick’s android likeness would appeal to Dick’s reader-base in theory, but find itself in a limbo where it would be heckled or embraced by anyone with enough […]