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“Finding Meaning in the Mundane”: An Interview with Pompeii’s Dean Stafford

I recently caught-up with Dean Stafford, lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist for the Austin-based band Pompeii, who have put out two extraordinary albums: “Assembly” and “Nothing Happens for a Reason”.  Though there are countless ways to categorize their music, I’d best describe it as Something you listen to in order to be inspired.  In other […]

“Absolutely Heart”: An Interview with Windmill’s Matthew Thomas Dillon

On a not-so-cold winter’s day somewhere in cyberspace, I conducted an interview with Matthew Thomas Dillon, the lead vocalist/lyricist/pianist and principal force behind Windmill, a British band with two incredible albums under its belt: “Puddle City Racing Lights” and “Epcot Starfields”.  Its groundbreaking sound is simultaneously INTIMATE and EPIC, with Dillon’s provocative vocals and experimental […]