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“Have a Nice Day”

“Have a Nice Day” “Have a nice day,” Dorothy says while handing me change and a plastic bag full of items that should’ve indicated just how nice the rest of my day would be. I don’t know Dorothy, but I know her name because of the small tag pinned on her red vest. And I […]

Monkeys in Space

Prologue      The Five-Year Plan freed Doctor Pyotr Zinchenko to spend both day and night dreaming about putting a man in space. Many considered him to be the first space-hygienist, developing a wide-range of waste receptacles—studying bacteria and viruses in gravity-free environments and being the first person to consider the implications of living in a […]

The Hysterical Realism Reading List

First Wave: Vladimir Nabokov—Lolita (1955), Pale Fire (1962), Speak, Memory (1936-66), Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (1969) Thomas Pynchon—V. (1963) , Crying of Lot 49 (1966), Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), Mason & Dixon (1997), Against The Day (2006) William Gaddis—The Recognitions (1955), JR (1975), a Frolic of His Own (1994) John Barth—Fiction: the Sot-Weed Factor […]

Commerce in Shall

A Christmas gift card was burning a Criterion-sized hole in Joshua Covell‘s pocket. The consensus among Anobium is that, should you find yourself in Mr. Covell’s situation, you best choose Fritz Lang’s M. Or else. From Anobium Editor Benjamin Van Loon: Fearing the onset of hoarder-dom, have you emptied your garage in a post-holiday purge? […]

Inside Out

There is inside. Most of us spend most of our time there. There is usually something that separates that space from nature, which can often be cold, wet, or other forms of unpleasantness. Outside makes me feel small but not always in a bad way. Often both spaces are boring and normal, especially when the setting is mundane, […]