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To Thailand and Back: An Interview with Cliff Martinez

You may not know this, but Ciff Martinez, the musical genius behind recent scores such as Drive, Contagion, Spring Breakers, and The Company You Keep has been around as long as the Sundance indie scene. Starting with Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies, and Videotape, he’s been crafting a signature style that in the last number of […]

Nicolas Winding Refn: The Death of the Black Suitcase – Part 1

I. The Black Suitcase Full of Cash The Russian writer Viktor Pelevin once suggested that the real protagonist of western culture as a black briefcase full of money. Pelevin’s metaphor is one of those ostensibly off-the-cuff, Zizek-esque film-studies truisms that gnaws at you, prompting you to poke around your personal collection for counter-examples and leaving […]