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Ennealogic, 2012: Week 4

Black Flag, Anobium: Volume 2 Release Party, Record Players that Play Wood, Sentences With The First Letter of Almost Every Word Capitalized, Sentence Fragments, and so on. You get the idea. This is the second installment of our friday Ennealogical Series, where we list some of the coolest things we’ve found over the week. There’s […]

Ennealogic, 2012: Week 3

Psyoptic psymbolism, meta-chthonic phenomena, a list of beasts from A to Z, a two-dimension third-dimension, and new music from far beneath. During the darkest hours of the afternoons and brightest hours of the night, we are mining the dumpsters, back-alleys, desalinzation plants, storehouses, and underground libraries of This Entropic Technological Millieu. Some of this flotsam we […]

What We’re Excited About: “Beyond and Between” by Daniel Higgs

Every six centuries, sentience stirs, finding a new oracle through which it projects and reflects. Like those unknown transmissions sent from the depths of our consciousness, a certain cognitive fidelity becomes lost in the space between origination and articulation. From this rift we derive anxiety, fear, and dissolution. This is the realm of poetry, prophecy and Daniel Higgs.