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Sound Bite

“The best garage band in America since the ’60s. Very primitive…they made people with Les Pauls and Marshall amps look like idiots.” – Jack White Third Man Records keeps on keeping on with rarities and mystery concoctions so exciting it’s hard to pin down the best of what they’re doing. However, they’ve just announced a […]

Darren Baker Makes His Mark With The Conspiracy

You’re forgiven if the name Darren Baker does not ring a bell. Last month saw the official release of his first feature film score The Conspiracy via Screamworks Records and it’s incredible. (You can find the soundtrack on iTunes.) Perfect for fans of John Carpenter, David Lynch, Wendy Carlos, and Tangerine Dream (as he mentions below), out of the gate Darren […]

Sound Bite

Earlier this year I reviewed Roque Baños’ score for the Evil Dead remake with great adulation. Whether or not the film was seen as successful, his score should go down as one of the year’s great creations, most specifically in the horror scenario, but I would say in film as a whole. So, in keeping […]