We are always looking for one-time or regular contributors for ANOBIUMLIT.COM.

As a contributor to ANOBIUMLIT.COM, you will have the opportunity to write…

Reviews: of books, of music, of movies, of events, and most importantly, of backyard BBQs.
Visions: of weird, web-based visual art and esotera.
Monologues: which is to say, op-eds, analyses, essays, narratives, experiments, and everything else.
Interviews: with musicians, artists, writers, Joe Plumbers, etc.
Miscellany: whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories.

As a writer for ANOBIUMLIT.COM, you will be rewarded with…

– A featured section on the Web Contributors page as well as the home-page, and also a byline for all of your pieces.
– Free review copies of certain new books and materials.
– Passes and invitations to events.
– The opportunity to participate and make your mark in the development of the Anobium image.
– The possibility of being included in Anobium print editions.

As a writer for ANOBIUMLIT.COM, you will be expected to…

– Have aesthetic and literary tastes similar to ours.
– Write at least two or three posts a month.
– Have a social media presence, or awareness of social media nuance.
– Write with an informal, non-traditional, unique style.
– Have unique ideas for articles, publications, initiatives, and other suchlike.

To apply to be a writer for ANOBIUMLIT.COM, all you need to do is…

E-mail us at so we can get the gears moving. We’re always looking good ideas and warped brains.