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Benjamin van Loon is the co-founder and Managing Editor of Anobium. Professional writer and editor from Chicago, IL. http://www.benvanloon.com

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Jacob Singer lives in Chicago and is the editor of Hysterical Realism, a webzine dedicated to exploring the genre of fiction typically associated with Zadie Smith, David Foster Wallace, Richard Powers, and Thomas Pynchon. His work has appeared at Handshake Media, Chicago Foodies, and Euskal Irrati Telebista (Basque Radio and television)

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Matt Pine, a Chicago lifer, is working on what he swears is the last revision of a novel. You can find him online at mattpine.com or in real life at the bar.

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Kari Larsen is an assistant editor of Anobium. Her chapbook, Say you're a fiction, is forthcoming in the summer of 2012 from Dancing Girl Press. Updates on other publications can be found at cold-rubies.blogspot.com..

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Joshua Covell is a New Hampshire transplant who loves the big city lights and a state that completely sidesteps the national political spotlight but pines for good seafood and a proper time zone. He is a writer, editor, and co-founder of STFU, Internet.

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Garret Tiedemann is a freelance writer, filmmaker and composer who owns the film production company CyNar Pictures and American Residue Records. cynarpictures.com & americanresiduerecords.bandcamp.com/

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Jonathan Greenhause is the author of a chapbook, Sebastian’s Relativity (published by Anobium Books), and his poems have appeared in The Believer, Fjords, New Delta Review, Water~Stone Review, and others.

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Benjamin Schachtman lives in Chinatown with his wife, his dog and thousands of books.


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