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Five Reasons Why Slim Century is a Good Record

1. The Canoes, the band behind Slim Century, are powered by a bunch of cool dudes who like to play good music, and to the best of my knowledge, they suffer no delusions of grandeur and have never been diagnosed with RSS (Rockstar Syndrome).

2. It’s Americana in the purest sense. There’s nothing ironic about the Canoe’s self-examinations. Take songs names like “Are You Going to Indiana?,” “Construction Sites,” and “TVs for Every Home.” It’s innocent Americana, in other words. But that doesn’t mean it has a bitter edge to it, either. But you can be critical without being ironic, and Slim Century proves that .

3. Slim Century sounds good. It’s how garage rock is supposed to sound: dirty, loud, and snarky.

4. You can never go wrong with pop. “Kid Brother” and “Updates” are catchy, and have a strong undertone of power-pop, I think. I can never tell these things.

5. It’s party music. Here’s the problem with parties: people suck at picking or playing music for them. The good ol’ days of rock ‘n roll might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean rock is dead. It was the first party music, and I venture that it was music made exclusively for partying, in whatever capacity you’d like to define the term. Dance and hip-hop shit might make for one kind of party (which also involves leaking bodily fluids, hair gel, date rape, and so forth), but this music is good for my kind of party: the kind where you’re hanging out with friends, drinking beer, and letting life live itself. That’s what Slim Century is.

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