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The term ‘noosphere‘ was realized by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, who used it to describe the sphere of human thought. The shape of the noosphere is indefinite, asymmetrical, malingering. Though we take the economy of informational and linguistic exchange for granted, the structure of this immaterial psycho-‘sphere’ is not only formed, but determined by its anomalies.

These anomalies are collected, compiled and shared in Anobium: Volume 3 – Noospheria.

Noospheria includes essays, fiction, and hybrid writing from Blaster “Al” AckermanCaroline PicardTimothy SchulerBenjamin MerrimanBrandi WellsGraham TugwellD.E. StewardJonathan Greenhause, and others. Works from collaborative teams Quinton Hallett/Colette Jonopulos/Nancy Carol Moody/Laura LeHew and Kathleen Rooney/Elisa Gabbert are also included.

The volume also features an extensive curatorial section, culled by Anobium founder and editor-in-chief “Mary J. Levine,” which includes interviews, illustrations, and selections from outsider artist Bruce Bickford, avant poet John M. Bennett, and writer Adam Levin.

Noospheria is the third installation in Anobium’s ongoing exploration of backwards realms and is being comprehensively designed and illustrated by artist and designer Jacob van Loon.

We need $2,500 from people like you to make this book a reality. The funds raised in this campaign will cover the costs of printing, rights purchasing, ISBN/UPC acquisition, and shipping. Anobium is an independent publisher and 100 percent of finances raised are used to offset these and other operational costs.

[The video was filmed and created by Jacob van Loon. The music is by Benjamin van Loon.]

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