Off the lam and on the wagon.

We’re back!

It’s been a rough few weeks, being away from this and that and all that other stuff, but now we’re back. Our brainpower was pounding Goldstars on the shores of the Dead Sea and couldn’t pull himself off the all-sodium diet long enough to attend to everything. We’re gonna start plugging away here and now ASAP STAT.

A few croosh points of biz:

– If you’ve placed an order within the past ten days, we will be sending out your orders on Tuesday.

We were reviewed by NewPages! They say: “Overall, Anobium should satisfy those readers that enjoy plumbing the outer limits of literature.” They all give special mentions to J. Greenhause, Rich Ives, and Luke Irwin.

– Though we mentioned it already, it’s worth re-mentioning that The Conium also reviewed us. Check it out.

– We are still looking for a solid team of bloggers. If you have a blog idea for Anobium, e-mail us!

Ivan de Monbrison, our interior artist for Volume 2, has a new article posted on Hesa Inprint.

– Our cover artist, Jacob van Loon, posted a great new video of his work:

And that’s it, friends. We’re back. Time to get cracking.

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