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Mi Hermano – Junot Díaz at the 92nd Street Y

My father is not a fan of fiction. The implications of this could be cruel and boring – the most onerous of Künstlerroman clichés – but there is no Oedipal struggle for recognition in my family. It is just that my father – who is well read in the Classics, as well as mid-century American […]

Nicolas Winding Refn: The Death of the Black Suitcase – Part 1

I. The Black Suitcase Full of Cash The Russian writer Viktor Pelevin once suggested that the real protagonist of western culture as a black briefcase full of money. Pelevin’s metaphor is one of those ostensibly off-the-cuff, Zizek-esque film-studies truisms that gnaws at you, prompting you to poke around your personal collection for counter-examples and leaving […]