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Bridge to the Past

For Nas, as with Orson Welles, his first was always his best. His 1994 debut, Illmatic, was unexpected, combative, clever, supremely confident, and often cocky (after all, every rapper worth his salt is his own best hype man). Nas has tried to live up to the potential of that masterful introduction for nearly two decades, […]

Object-Oriented Poetry: Sheer Indefinite by Skip Fox

Forget Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “unacknowledged legislators of the world.” Skip Fox’s Sheer Indefinite reveals that our day’s poets are, rather, the computer programmers of the universe. If our universe is indeed a virtual simulation, like so many Hollywood movies and conspiracy theorists posit, Skip Fox’s Sheer Indefinite is the reference manual to its sublime syntax. And […]