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No Guile: Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Concert, Part 1

“We’re the only ones not wearing black.” My associate tends toward hyperbole. But, hell, if any event lends itself more readily – God’s Pee in concert it is. The single-file congregation outside San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall did seem like it had conspired to attire itself exclusively in black. My associate and I had missed the […]

Life in Eskilstuna: An Interview With David Wenngren of Library Tapes

Based in Sweden, but internationally respected, Library Tapes is an experimental/ambient/neo-classical project formed in 2004 by musicians David Wenngren and Per Jardsell. Though Jardsell left the project in 2006, Wenngren has continued to tour, compose, and release albums under the Library Tapes name. His work has received high-rated reviews from Pitchfork and other respectable music resources, […]