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Four Lions is Not a Black Comedy, but it is pretty funny

Netflix has a bad habit of lying to me. Four Lions is dark? Please. Four Lions couldn’t pass a brown paper bag test. It might be hilarious, but it’s not black. Here is why. I admit that black humor is a complicated beast. It gets easy to quickly characterize things as black or not based […]


“Mother dumped my father,” a friend of my wife’s was saying one day, “all because of a pair of shorts.” …is how Murakami’s “Lederhosen” starts out, and from the title and beginning it appears like it will be in Murakami’s signature style: unsettling, deadpan, ridiculous. Like Kafka drawn in crayon. It isn’t, however, it is […]


There is no English translation for litost. It is a Czech word, and if Milan Kundera says there is no English translation for it, well then I would be a fool to try and find one myself. I trust Milan; he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve read. He’s also one of the most introspective […]