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Don Draper: An Ancient Perspective

It might only be a matter of time before primetime is graced by a period drama centered around the Platonic Academy. With Diogenes Laertius’ Lives of Eminent Philosophers, we have reliable source material. And with academia’s insistence on teaching the Classics, we have indication that interest in Plato and his cohort has not dwindled in the slightest these […]

Review: Ghosts by Peter Evans Quintet

Listening to Peter Evans Quintet’s “…One to Ninety-Two” (a sprightly reinvention of Mel Tormé’s “Christmas Song“), a suspicion besets the mind that Peter Evans is not exactly the trumpeter he professes to be. From the sound of a few tracks on Ghosts (2011), he could be Richard D. James and/or Tom Jenkinson taking a crack at free jazz. But weeks of intensive exposure […]