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Ennealogic: June 14, 2013

1. Jam of the summer “Get Lucky” gets a very Daft Punk-y interstellar reimagining with this cover, where segments of the song are inspired by past and future decades of popular music. – – – 2. The most powerful woman in American politics has joined Twitter. Notice that she’s not following Barack Obama. We smell […]

Borges and I (and Bolaño)

On “page 1 of 1” of David A. Hernandez’s 2011 Order History, one can view a $52.04 purchase made on January 4, 2011 including Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. The Jorge Luis Borges anthology, Labyrinths, Hernandez notes, completed the order, an insignificant one, to be sure. My spoof of Borges, however tactless, conveys […]

Outer Space

Tumblr tag: Maria Rubinke. Paraffin wax mixture, pigment, steel, wicks, despair by Urs Fischer “The interviewers belong to a new generation that has been called “silent,” though a better word for it would be “waiting” or “listening” or “inquiring.” They have done their assigned reading, they have asked the right questions, or most of them, […]


This project has been concluded. This page is preserved for sake of reference. Long ago, in forgotten times, writers did their research “out of doors.” They left the house and went to the library down the street, the place around the corner, sometimes even to a different city in a different state. Sometimes we still […]