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Outer Space

Cycle 4 is coming soon: will you rock enroll with Underacademy College? Joshua Covell has the right idea: edit your resume with this vulgarest of typefaces. Zosia Mamet in Really Really is “keeper of the rape jokes.” To wit: the AV Club reports, “Promotion for Nymphomaniac begins with this photo taken of the inside of […]

Commerce in Shall

A Christmas gift card was burning a Criterion-sized hole in Joshua Covell‘s pocket. The consensus among Anobium is that, should you find yourself in Mr. Covell’s situation, you best choose Fritz Lang’s M. Or else. From Anobium Editor Benjamin Van Loon: Fearing the onset of hoarder-dom, have you emptied your garage in a post-holiday purge? […]

Outer Space

New Year’s Day saw the unleashing of the Criterion Collection’s annual teaser comic. Although some riddles remain obtuse, Criterion was merciful enough to make plain what is in the opinion of this Anobium editor unbeatable news: David Lynch’s Eraserhead is getting the Criterion treatment in 2013! Have you ad sale experience, dear reader? Do you […]

Commerce In Shall

Every Friday, the Anobium web staff provides some ideas for what to do with that paycheck in this new segment, “Commerce in Shall.” The title comes from Catherine Wagner’s poem “Macular Hole,” which can be heard here and is available from Fence. “Note: these pages reflect what will be in the book, not what Lena […]