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Now Playing: Noospheria

It’s our newest book, and it’s been over a year in the making. [Here’s “Mary J. Levine’s” essay from the front of the book to tell you a bit more about what Noospheria is:] Noospheria (ˈnəʊˌsfrɪə) – n. cosmology: a fragment of the universe that is enacted by human thought, culture, and knowledge. — Combined […]


Click here to go to our Kickstarter campaign! The term ‘noosphere‘ was realized by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, who used it to describe the sphere of human thought. The shape of the noosphere is indefinite, asymmetrical, malingering. Though we take the economy of informational and linguistic exchange for granted, the structure of this immaterial psycho-‘sphere’ is not […]

“Finding Meaning in the Mundane”: An Interview with Pompeii’s Dean Stafford

I recently caught-up with Dean Stafford, lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist for the Austin-based band Pompeii, who have put out two extraordinary albums: “Assembly” and “Nothing Happens for a Reason”.  Though there are countless ways to categorize their music, I’d best describe it as Something you listen to in order to be inspired.  In other […]