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Some Skinhead Shit (Part 1)

(Have you ever read Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style?  He tells the same story in different ways.  Each version of) Some Skinhead Shit (this short story explores different literary tropes: notation…) By: Jacob Singer (word game, and visual.  See, each and every short story consists of making a million little decisions on what to show […]

Critical Insight

“…the message is about not what works musically now, for a certain demographic, for a short while, but about what might work for everyone for all time.” –Rick Moody, I Dared Criticize Taylor Swift “…by rendering their traditional job of arbitration obsolete, it frees critics to find other ways of contemplating music.” – Carl Wilson, […]

Review: Pataphysical Essays by René Daumal

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Metaphysics is that, despite the Universe, it somehow manages to take itself seriously. When I say ‘Metaphysics’ here, I mean two things: 1) the legacy of those Great Bearded Thinkers whose psychic concepts and guttural neologisms have been preserved in the spiritual brine of academic pretense, 2) the white-smock’d tradition of speculation, investigation, and Latin […]