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“Technology Will Never Go Away”: A Conversation With Artist Jeroen van Loon

Jeroen van Loon is a visionary digital artist from the Netherlands whose projects, which investigate the intersection of technology with contemporary culture, are both difficult and provocative. I found Jeroen via his most recent project, Life Needs Internet, which initially began in 2010 when Jeroen began to travel to different corners of the planet to […]

  Anobium R.I.P. 2011 – 2015 Benjamin van Loon and Mary J. Levine co-founded Anobium in 2011 with the goal of becoming the only independent literary publisher solely focused on the strange, surreal and experimental. In the space of four years, we did just that, publishing nearly a half-dozen books, engaging in challenging collaborative projects, hosting events and […]

Anobium 2015

Announcing: ANOBIUM 2015

Friends, followers, fomenters: At the end of 2013, we announced that Anobium would be going to the cosmological backburner for a time while our execs focused on honing their other skills (alchemy, aerobics, aerodynamics, etc.). This upcoming summer, we’re putting Anobium back over high heat and we’re not watering it down. Bona fide 200 Proof. In the past, we’ve […]