Anobium was founded in 2011 with the goal of becoming an independent literary publisher, with an emphasis on the strange, surreal, and unpopular. In the space of two short years, we did just that: we published nearly a half-dozen beautiful books, embarked on challenging collaborative projects, cultivated a strong social media following, tabled at events, and made our mark in the literary world.

In 2013, Anobium co-founder “Mary J. Levine” went on a long-term astral vacation, while the other co-founder, Benjamin van Loon, went back to grad school. We decided that then would be a good time to put Anobium activities on slow cook, and we went off to our respective deserts to discover new meaning. It turned out to be a fruitful time of reflection, redemption, and re-direction.

Now in 2015, recharged, with a few more years of knowledge and experience behind us, our editors are embarking on a new, to-be-announced project that will take the best parts of what we’ve done with Anobium and retool them for a more dynamic, inclusive, and interactive media context. Anobium will henceforth exist solely as the publishing arm of this new venture, which will be officially named and announced by the end of this summer. All future blog, newsletter, social media, and community activity and efforts will happen through this new venture.

We’re keeping Anobium around and live because we have such a wealth of great content, now archived and fully navigable. And if anything worth publishing comes up through our new venture, Anobium will handle the design, printing, marketing, distribution, and other boring business stuff.

Thanks for your patronage, and be sure that you’re on our mailing list so you don’t miss announcements about our new projects and publishing opportunities.

Sincerely, The Editors